The Starla stairlift is our most elegant design and has helped thousands of people regain freedom of movement around their homes. As the most customisable stairlift in the Stannah range, it has a host of features that ensure it is not only right for your stairs, but also your home and your life.

The Starla offers:

  • Slimline straight or curved rail and foldway chair for minimum footprint
  • A range of stylish vinyl and fabric upholsteries available with or without wood trim
  • Optional extras such as a footrest fold button for optimum convenience

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  • “The stairlift has made such a big difference to my life, I feel happier going up and down stairs now”
    Mr. PoonawalaPoonawala Holdings

Key features of the Starla stairlift

Easy and safe to use

A seatbelt that can be fastened with one hand is just one of the many features of the Starla. Also included are sensors that bring the stairlift to a gentle stop if the stairlift is obstructed and removable keys to immobilise the stairlift if required.

Footrest fold options

Bending down to lift the footrest is an unnecessary inconvenience, which is why the Starla comes with a manual lever as standard on the curved product or a seat-to-footrest link on the straight product. Alternatively, there is an option to have an automatic footrest fold button in the arm on either straight or curved products for ultimate convenience.

Custom options

The Starla can be tailored to your specific needs and taste. Choose from different trims, upholstery options and even rail colours to ensure the stairlift fits with your decor. Additional features such as automatic swivel seats and different style seatbelts are also available.

Designed for curved and straight staircases

The Starla is highly versatile and can be installed on a huge variety of staircases whether they are straight or curved. Our slimline straight rails are made to measure while our curved stairlift rails are crafted to fit the exact contours of your staircase.

Additional Features

  • Slightly angled seat that slants upward at the front for an added feeling of security
  • Wall-mounted remote controls make it easy to call the lift from the top or bottom of your stairs
  • Removable key to keep the stairlift safe from children
  • Battery powered motor that means your stairlift will continue to work even in a power cut
  • Slimline rails that leave ample room for you and others to use your stairs safely and easily
  • Folding design leaves your staircase and hallway looking neat and tidy
  • "This Technology has added new feel in my hospital"
    Dr. GokhaleGokhale Multispeciality Hospitals

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